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Private lakeview paradise + vineyard&orchard

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Address:  Kulterulet Baranya Hungary

Price:  $132,582.00
Listing #:  30090
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FOR SALE - DIRECTLY FROM OWNER Be sure to visit dedicated website www.holidayhousehungary.wordpress.com with more than 20 pages of exciting information and high resolution pictures of this property, its surroundings and many regional activities, sightseeing and sports. Happy Hungary, the 'France of Central Europe' and a European Union member state since 2004 ! Here is a perfectly affordable 0.6 acre or 25,769 sq ft (2,394 m˛) secluded real estate property with lakeview, orchard, vineyard, ornamental garden and large wine cellar for sale, directly from owner. Quality building in excellent condition. Meticulously kept with a keen eye for detail. This house requires no work at all. Why spend years of your life and tons of money, energy and precious holidaytime on a renovation or building project with an uncertain outcome ? Just put down your suitcase, take a refreshing drink from the fridge and immediately start relaxing and enjoying ! Property fenced from all sides. A tall iron gate closes off the curved driveway to the house with wine cellar. High level privacy guaranteed. An ideal refuge in Central Europe of mediterranean climate for holiday makers, retirees/pensionados, spa guests, lovebirds, artists, avid gardiners, winemakers (vineyard, wine cellar with 5 oak barrels and all winery amenities included), nature-lovers, birdwatchers, hikers, horsemen, bicyclists, dog keepers, fishermen, falconers, horseback archers, hunters or survivalists/preppers. With up to 2,200 sunshine hours a year, Baranya County is one of the sunniest regions in Europe. Daytime temperatures in July and August vary mostly between 77° Fahrenheit (25° Celsius) and 95° Fahrenheit (35° Celsius). Otherwise from early May until mid October, roughly half of the year, daytime temperatures vary mostly between 68° Fahrenheit (20° Celsius) and 77° Fahrenheit (25° Celsius), great for all outdoor sports and activities, terrace wining and dining and sightseeing. Local microclimate is especially beneficial to patients suffering from respiratory problems such as asthma, bronchitis and lung emphysema (COPD) as well as joint and muscle problems such as arthrosis, rheumatism and gout, mitigating their symptoms. Benefitting from a mediterranean climate and gorgously situated on a gently sloping winehill, this property is not far from the densely forested Mecsek mountain range in Baranya County, between the lively historical cities of Pécs and Szigetvár. No heavy industry or manufacturing of any kind in a vast area. Although the property is secluded and totally private, you won't have to feel isolated. The tarmac road with the local busstop is just a 765 yard (700 meter) walk downhill towards Pécs and Szigetvár, approximately 10 miles (16 kilometers) from the property. The local Mayor's Office (where you are welcome to use free internet, courtesy of the European Union !) is just a 765 yard (700 meters) walk downhill and the nearest railwaystation (resembling a covered busstop) towards Budapest and other major cities is just a 1,203 yard (1,100 meters) walk downhill. The property also boasts panoramic views of a nearby lake with a small island. The compact yet comfortable and cosy brickhouse with deep dug wine cellar was designed by a Hungarian architect and built by a Hungarian construction company, utilising only high quality building materials and finished by the end of 2006. The property includes a vineyard, an orchard with many fruit and nut trees and a lovely ornamental garden, including some exclusive and/or scented plants and shrubs. The house is solidly built and well insulated. All windows are fitted with double glazing and wooden blinds with ventilation bores. The 240 Volt, 10/16/25 Ampčre copper wired powernet is equiped with a central circuitbreaker (mainswitch) and 7 automatic powerswitches. Downstairs heating is provided by a woodstove/multi-burner and a powerful electrical oil-filled radiant portable heater. Bathroom heating is provided by a brandnew powerful 2,000 Watt wall-mounted silent and energy efficient antiglare infrared heater. Upstairs heating (master bedroom) is provided by a powerful electrical silent portable 1,500 Watt micathermic heater. However, should you spend your holiday stays only during the long and hot Hungarian summers (comparible to Southern France and Spain), say from mid May until mid October, you will probably hardly need any heating at all. As this rural area is not serviced with mains water nor sewage system, tapwater for showering, washing, cleaning and garden irrigation is supplied by an electrical pump and 3 underground cisterns, each holding some 219 UK gal or 264 US gal (1,000 liters) of rainwater, totaling up to some 657 UK gal or 792 US gal (3,000 liters), when full. Hot tapwater is provided by a 17 UK gal or 21 US gal (80 liters) boiler in the storage, serving the kitchen and the bathroom. Please note that this tapwater is not potable. For drinking and cooking purposes you have to maintain a sufficient supply of mains water collected elsewhere or rely on (cheap) mineralwater from supermarkets or regional convenience stores such as Lidl, Aldi, Tesco, Auchan, Coop, Interspar, CBA and Penny Market. A separate solid woorden shed (storage of garden tools, winemaking utensils and burningwood) is situated behind the house. Should you require an internet connection at the property to keep in touch with the outside world, you have 4 options. The first and easiest option is to use the roaming facilities on your cellphone or smartphone. Depending on the intensity of your internet traffic this could turn out quite expensive. The second option is to take out a monthly mobile internet subscription from a Hungarian internet, telephone and television provider such as Digi or Invitel. This implies paying all year, although you will only use the internet connection for several weeks of months. However, this option could still be interesting if you intend to use the internet connection 24/7 for IP video surveillance, wherever you are. The third option is to visit one of numerous cafes, lunchrooms, hotels, restaurants or shoppingmalls in Pécs or Szigetvár which provide wifi for their customers. The internet usage is usually free of charge, but you have to travel to the center to get there (approximately 15 miles from the property) and buy consumptions. The covered and lighted brick terrace measures a comfortable 42.20 sq yd (35.28 m˛). Its ridge is at 3.47 yd (3.18 m), high enough for rope jumping or other outdoor excercises. In between the terrace's wooden standards a hammock can easily be attached for relaxation or dozing off. The entrance to the house is constructed by a pair of double doors for extra security. The outside pair of doors is made from solid wood with multiple locks. The inside pair of doors has a lock and double glazing. All doors and windows also have double anchor pens for extra security. Entering the ground floor is the 27.51 sq yd (23.41 m˛) kitchen/living room and the 4.16 sq yd (3.48 m˛) tastefully tiled bathroom with sink, closet, mirrors, toilet, shower, plafondlamp, double spotlights and infrared heater. The kitchen provides enough cupboards to store all the necessary pots and pans, tableware, crockery, cutlery and kitchen utensil, and includes an electrical oven, an electrical hob plate and a refridgerator. The brick wine cellar is ventilated by double ventilation pipes, fitted with electrical lighting, dug 2.97 yd (2.72 m) below ground level and heavily isolated by a double door system, perfectly separating the moist and cool cellar atmosphere from the kitchen and living room. A 13 step stone stairs leads down to the floor of the 2.19 yd (2.00 m) high wine cellar housing 5 oak barrels differing in size, 2 plastic harvestbarrels of 110 UK gal (500 liters) each and several wine making amenities, such as a grape grinder, grape press, glass balloons, flasks and pipettes. Upstairs is the 26.23 sq yd (21.93 m˛) master bedroom which includes a sofa bed and two low cupboards and is spacious enough to also fit in a super king size double bed and still keep plenty of walking space. Separated by a lockable door is the small 8.04 sq yd (6.72 m˛) bedroom. This room could be used as a single bedroom, a study or a storage room and includes a foldable wall bracket with lighting and a chair for studying or working on your laptop. The staircase can be sealed off by a massive wooden hatch separating the first floor from the ground floor for extra security during night's rest. All windows are fitted with double wooden shutters with ingenious ventilation holes covered with insect screens, letting in the exact amount of fresh air but keeping out unwanted flying or crawling guests. One large removable mosquito screen for extra ventilation is included and fits all double windows of the living room, the master bedroom and the small bedroom. Hungarian law allows a building percentage for this property of 3% of the total 2,863 sq yd (2,394 m˛). As 70.56 sq yd (59 m˛) has already been built (equaling the footprint of the house, floors don't count), building permission may be granted for an extra outbuilding of 15.33 sq yd (12.82 m˛) such as a small garage, carport, shed, hayloft, greenhouse, stable, henhouse, dog kennel or aviary. The property is situated some 69 miles (112 kilometers) southeast of the popular harbour city Siófok at the worldfamous tourist destination Lake Balaton, with its 231 square miles (598 km˛), being the largest lake of Central Europe, nicknamed 'The Hungarian Sea'. Perfect for a daytrip to Lake Balaton and a spectacular but very affordable 2 times 40 minutes luxury speedcruiser tour across the lake to the opposite Tihány peninsula for great sightseeing, wining and dining. The property is situated some 30 miles (48 kilometers) northwest of the Croatian border, formed by the river Dráva (similar to the Danube) where you will find a large lake adjacent to Croatian bordertown Donji Miholjac.

Property Type:  Detached home with land Property Address:  Kulterulet Baranya Hungary
Sq. Feet:  70 Zip code:  
Bedrooms:  2 Seller's phone #:  +31 653458185
Bathrooms:  1 County:  
Garage:  0 School District:  
Age of House:  2006 Floors/Levels:  2
Lot Size:  0.6 acres Type of Floors:  Ceramic tile, wood
Central Heat/Air:    Family Room:   
Gas:    Basement:   
Fireplace(s):    Office/Den/Extra BR:   
HOA:    Formal Dining Room:   
Private Pool or Hot Tub:    Sunroom:   
Neighborhood Pool:    Patio or Deck:   
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