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PROPERTY DETAILS: Area Acreage (acres): 37.67 Zoning: Residential Legal: TRACT 8 OF ALASKA STATE LAND SURVEY NO.79-31, CONTAINING 37.67 ACRES, MORE OR LESS, ACCORDING TO THE SURVEY PLAT FILED IN THE NENANA RECORDING DISTRICT ON APRIL 5,1979, AS PLAT 79-18. Power: Solar/Generator/Wind Location: NENANA DISTRICT Roads: Access Roads & easements Association Dues: None Terrain: Gently sloping and ridges - several good cabin site Taxes: No Taxes Time Limit To Build: None No restriction on building type Go to heaven before you die!! It really cannot be much better than this pristine forested land west of Fairbanks and north of Mt McKinley and the Denali National Park. This area is known as Anderson, really just a couple hundred happy souls living out in nature's boondocks. In the 1970s, government agents surveyed it and created a large square-shaped lot of 37.67 acres with frontage on the north side of Bush Rd. It is just west of Nenana Rd, the main dirt road going into this area from the George Parks Hwy at the Kobe Ag Rd Exit. The land is pristine and full of trees and critters, some bigger than me! Please don't ask me about utilities....this is Alaska, and folks out in these parts supply their own. You could live off this land if you were hardy enough. It is free and clear, and the greatest part is that there are NO TAXES on land in this area, since it is outside a taxing borough, so you can afford to hold on to this one and pass it on to your kids, since this beautiful land will hold its value long after the old greenback is sunk!! Alaska Map Browser: Google Map:,+Healy,+AK+99743/@64.2638628,-149.3914117,14z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x5132b3de4874a8f9:0x203aae0074ea6ded Financing Terms: Calculate your Monthly Payment at with (Unmark Include Optionals Below): 10% Down Payment 1-3 Years - No Interest 5 Years - 3% Interest 10 Years - 5% Interest 20 Years - 7% Interest 30 Years - 9% Interest

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