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922 E SHAWNEE AVE FREEPORT IL According to the average price per square foot on a single family home in Freeport is $53.00 per square feet. HOME DETAILS CONSTRUCTION Brick SQUARE FEET About 1600 BEDROOMS 4 BATHROOMS 1 BASEMENT Yes YARD Fenced Yard about 60◊120 GARAGE No, it has a concrete slab for a 2 car garage to be built Valuation would be roughly $87,000 at a 2018 valuation. You can purchase this house outright for $33.00 per square foot or just $53,000 in its present condition. Or you can rent to own it for 10 years at $700.00 per month It needs some painting DOWN PAYMENT NEEDED Yes $4000 in cash or improvements or a combination of both. No Bank Qualifying to buy one of these homes. Just rent it for 10 years. Treat it like its already yours. Pay on time every time. Get along with your neighbors. Fix it up the way you want it. If something breaks, fix it. Keep no trespassing signs on the property at all times. Keep the city happy by maintaining your house, mowing your lawn and shoveling the driveway. After 10 years of treating this like your house, it can be yours if you did all of the above. Would you rather RENT FOREVER or OWN a house free and clear after just 10 years of renting? If you want to OWN a home, contact me. If you want to rent a home, please find a another place. My only interest is in finding someone who cant qualify to buy a house but would LOVE to own one if they were just given a chance to own. If thatís you, contact me using the link below:

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