• 1266 S Locust St, Buffalo MO 65622 FSBO listing
    1266 S Locust St, Buffalo MO 65622 FSBO listing
    1266 S Locust St, Buffalo MO 65622 FSBO listing
    1266 S Locust St, Buffalo MO 65622 FSBO listing
    Property Type: FarmProperty Address: 1266 S Locust St, Buffalo MO
    Sq. Feet: 1247Zip code: 65622
    Bedrooms: 3Seller's phone #: 417-319-9345
    Bathrooms: 1County: Dallas
    Garage: 0School District: Buffalo
    Age of House: 1962Floors/Levels: 1
    Lot Size: 50 AcresType of Floors: Tile, wood, hardwood
    Central Heat/Air: .Family Room: .
    Gas: .Basement: .
    Fireplace(s): .Office/Den/Extra BR: .
    HOA: .Formal Dining Room: .
    Private Pool or Hot Tub: .Sunroom: .
    Neighborhood Pool: .Patio or Deck: .
    Waterfront/Water View: .Keywords:

Property Details

REDUCED!! 50 Acres currently in hay(Brome, Orchard grass, Timothy, Lezpedesa, & mixed legumes) with scattered trees has a 3 BR/ 1 BA (with walk in shower) fixer upper due to damaged shingles -located 1 mile South of Buffalo, Mo. Private drive. Shown by appointment only. Call Debra @ 417-319-9345. Owner has not been to property in some time due to health and cannot converse on current condition. Qualified buyers may call to submit offers. Properties' past use was hay production. One grain barn for feed/seed storage. Private drive. Partial fence. Investors may consider land for subdivision as only 1 mile from city limits. Have qualifying letter on hand when making an offer. Serious Inquiries Please. No Trespassing. Please sign Indemnification agreement shown below and have to submit to owner prior to showing. Thanks for your interest! WATER DAMAGE, MOLD, ENVIRONMENTAL DISCLOSURE, RELEASE AND INDEMNIFICATION AGREEMENT Let it be known that: 1266 S. Locust, Buffalo, Mo. 65622 is herein known as “The Property”. Any Potential Buyer(s), Buyers, invitees, their representatives, heirs, assigns, Real Estate Agents/Brokers, their executives, administrators, relatives/ heirs and assigns, any relatives of The Audra M. Brown Trust that might have interest in “The Property” and any trespassers are herein known as “Releasers”. The Audra M. Brown Trust, her Agents, administrators, executors assisting in the sale of “The Property”, are herein known as “Sellers/ Released Parties”. Whereas Releasers desires to enter, inspect, show or gain access to the property herein acknowledges they have been informed and hereby releases any and all claims against the Sellers/Released Parties that may arise from their actions with respect to the property forever binding them against anything or claim. Anyone who does not agree to sign this Waiver/ Release/ Disclosure and knowingly comes on and/ or enters the property shall relinquish any and all rights and or claims that may arise from said actions and holds the Sellers/Released Parties harmless from any/ all claims and the Sellers/Released Parties may have the right to pursue any legal action as permitted by Law. This agreement is binding on all Parties. Releasers herein has read and acknowledges: The Property is or may be affected by water or moisture damage, mold, and/or other environmental hazards such as loose sheetrock in the house, loose vinyl tile floor covering, or conditions known or unknown to the Seller/Released Parties and further advises Releasers that as a consequence of exposure to certain species of mold and other hazards may pose health risks, and that individuals with immune system deficiencies, infants, children, the elderly, individuals with allergies or respiratory problems, and pets are particularly susceptible to experiencing adverse health effects from mold exposure. People entering the house should wear a mask over the nose and mouth to prevent inhalation of mold as a precaution. Releasers enter the house at their own risk. It is advised that in no way should anyone stand on the shed floor at any time while on the property. A barn burned leaving some debris and sheet metal on the ground and lookers should take care to walk around them. Releasers hereby holds harmless, indemnifies, protects and releases the Seller/Released Parties from any claim arising from entering, inspecting, coming on and or purchasing said property. Releasers acknowledges that Seller/Released Parties has advised Releasers to make his/her own evaluation of the property and to have the property professionally and thoroughly inspected. It is the sole responsibility of the Releasers to conduct any remediation on the property and acknowledges that Releasers is buying the property “AS IS”. Releasers represents and warrants to Seller/Released Parties that Releasers has made (or will make before closing on the purchase of the Property) his/her own inspections and evaluation of the property to Releasers’ complete satisfaction, and accepts or signs off on the property in the “AS IS” condition at the time of closing. Releasers are electing to purchase the property from Seller/ Released Parties in “AS IS” condition with full knowledge of the potential condition of the property. Buyer(s)/ Releasers agrees that the purchase price of the property reflects the agreed upon value of the property “AS IS” taking into account the aforementioned disclosures and hereby agrees to fully indemnify, protect, defend and hold the “Sellers/Released Parties”, harmless from and against any and all claims, causes of action, whether administrative or judicial, losses, costs (including any and all reasonable attorneys’ fees, court costs, and reasonable costs of investigations, litigation, and settlement), expenses, sanctions, curtailments, interest, liabilities, penalties, fines, demand, liens, judgments, compensation, fees, loss of profits, injuries, death, and/or damages, of any kind whatsoever, whether known or unknown, fixed or contingent, joint or several, criminal or civil, or in law or in equity arising from, in connection with, or in any way relating to any known or unknown conditions of the property, including but not limited to, the existence of mold, and/or any other environmental hazards or conditions on the property (“CLAIMS”). Buyer/ Releasers understands and acknowledges that Seller/ Released Parties does not make any warranty as to the livability of the property. Buyer further acknowledges that Seller/Released Parties has not made and does not make any express or implied representations or warranties of any kind with respect to the condition/ safety of the property or whether the property is in compliance with applicable local, state, or federal environmental or other laws, statutes, regulations, rules, ordinances, codes, or standards (“LAWS”). Buyers/Real Estate Reps/ “Releasers”____________________, ________________ __________________________,______________________,_____________________ Date: ________________

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