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Property for sale $ 65,300.00 (US Dollars) per hectare, there are 91.5 hectare. The pictures are authentic of land for sale. Ideal for building rural-ecological hotel, live, growing vegetables and flowers and horse breeding. Tourism has been another source of income in recent years as the region has a temperate type - cold in one of the more tropical regions of higher humidity and rainfall in the world, which is very interesting even for national living in the rest of the country and much more for tourists, not that one can enjoy the change of climate, enjoy different ecosystems in one day up to the paramo. At the last town of Cerro Punta, Guadalupe, 2197 m can be seen that agriculture predominates but ecotourism is opening up to the region, as many come to enjoy and study its climate and flora and fauna of the Parque Internacional La Amistad (Panama and Costa Rica) which, being so large a region can be appreciated only species that live here and others in danger of extinction, such as can raise more on their ecological trails, hiking, rafting (the rivers flowing of the great mountains are conducive to the sport) and the rugged geography is practiced much the longboarding. If you get off of Guadalupe to the central town of Cerro Punta is the quality of this key to the country community for its agricultural products. Is proud horse racing since the great racehorses of Panama come from there. At temperatures between 10 and 20 C and rising, horses develop better lung capacity allowing these thoroughbreds being the best in the world, winning the great classics of the country and internationally recognized awards, including the international classic Caribbean.

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